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The BAYK Project

BAYK Agricultural services is the first Blockchain project to create a tether between Blockchain and Agriculture. The project is based on agricultural development and empowerment to increase agricultural production and improve quality of produce while ensuring the well-being of farmers and an assured profit.

BAYK will follow agricultural projects (subsistence and commercial) from start-up through the cultivation stage providing basic needs at those stages which include capital, facilities and amenities. On the success of the project, BAYK will also ensure proper sale of produce in such a way that will ensure profit for farmers and ease for buyers.

The other aspect of BAYK project is loan and CoinTick platform. Apart from agricultural loan, general loan will be issued to individuals and companies for any purpose especially for business start-up or assistance.

Official Token

BAYK token was created on the Apollo Blockchain, it is the utility token of BAYK platform and a reserve token. The token is pre-mined with a total of 500 million token. No other BAYK can be produced.


The major utility of BAYK token is loan issuance in Apollo (APL), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) after selling an equivalent BAYK at OTC on the platform for start-ups and for agricultural purposes.


BAYK can only be gotten from exchange, buying on the platform and publishing on CoinTick platform


BAYK will be moved from Apollo Blockchain to our mainnet after the completion of the BAYK mainnet.

Token Analysis

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CoinTick Arm

CoinTick is a subsidiary of BAYK project and a content publishing site. It centers on Cryptocurrency contents which include crypto news and articles. Other content publication will be introduced later.


The site will enable payment for good content and incentive for content producers. Content publishers will apply to publish contents on the platform, after approval, they get an amount of CTK and BAYK for each content published and according to the quality of the content the BAYK they will get will equate to a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $500. After mainnet, the amount will not be capped. The amount will be calculated based on the quality of the content after assessment by our editors and based on the popularity with site users.


CoinTick is also a publishing and awareness platform for new projects especially new Apollo Projects. This will enable quick recognition for the potential of the project.


CoinTick aims to be the largest reserve of cryptocurrency contents.

Our Services at a Glance

*Agricultural loan: prospective agricultural entrepreneur register to acquire loan for their project. The registration will be a form of KYC. Agriculture loan will be disbursed every month on the platform. If chosen, the entrepreneur will get loan in Bitcoin (BTC), Apollo (APL) or Ethereum (ETH) according to choice; this is after selling an equivalent of BAYK to on-platform buyers in an OTC trade. Loans are released in those three currencies as they are more established so as to protect the stability of BAYK. Loans of $100 and above will require a collateral that will worth half the amount. Non-payment of loan debt will trigger legal action. The repayment must be in BAYK at a stated time. Agriculture loans have a repayment space of 10 months. Our loans are interest-free.

*General loan: this is a loan that is not issued for agricultural purposes. It can be secured by individuals or companies. The loan can be for any purpose. This type of loan will be disbursed every 2 months. Repayment space is 4 months. The disbursement will be in Bitcoin (BTC), Apollo (APL) or Ethereum (ETH) after selling an equivalent of BAYK in an OTC trade to on-platform buyers. The repayment is in BAYK. Our loans are interest-free.

*BAYK platform agricultural store: vendors will be able to register and put up agricultural goods and contents for sale online. The preliminary stage will be digital contents. All transactions are carried out in BAYK.

*CoinTick: publishers are paid in CTK and BAYK for contents published. The more the quality and rating, the more the token received.


*New Apollo Projects: listing of new projects are done on CoinTick platform. Sponsored posts can be requested for the projects. Projects pay in CTK and BAYK for Services.


*Project follow-up: agricultural entrepreneurs can register their projects to be followed by BAYK. BAYK will provide assistance from start to the end of the project.


*BAYK physical services and Network: BAYK will acquire physical agricultural space from Q2 2020 to engage in physical agricultural production. Other farms can also apply to be in BAYK’s network. Physical agricultural store will be opened by Q3 2020.

On-Platform BAYK

BAYK will incorporate an on-platform mini exchange which will be an OTC exchange of BAYK tokens. Users will buy BAYK with Apollo (APL), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) and they can choose to withdraw or keep on the platform, keeping on the platform will have a lot of benefits and only BAYK bought on the platform are entitled to those benefits, That is; there will be no means to deposit BAYK on the platform, deposit is only available for Apollo (APL), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) but withdrawal is available for BAYK, Apollo (APL), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). This will ensure that only BAYK bought at OTC from the exchange is allowed to get on-platform BAYK benefits.

What is the point in On-Platform BAYK?

Since BAYK is a loan platform, issuing loans in BAYK constantly and in large BAYK amount can lead to a bad effect on the price stability of the token. To prevent this, BAYK will be sold in OTC to buyers on the platform then the loans will be released in Apollo (APL), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). So with this, we will ensure that loans are never released in BAYK but they must be repaid in BAYK.

What is the benefit of buying and holding On-Platform BAYK?

All BAYK bought at OTC on the platform will be held on the platform wallet of the user, they can only be withdrawn after One Week of purchase. Holding the BAYK bought on the platform gives the holder a chance of getting loan of up to two times his holding in the next batch of general loan disbursement. BAYK holders will be considered first in general Loan disbursement. Also holders can nominate projects to be assisted and they will be given a top priority. BAYK holders are generally given top-priority consideration for platform services and benefits.

BAYK Reserve and Buy-back

All profits made on the platforms and from the project (our online and physical services) are stored as Bitcoin (BTC), Apollo (APL) and Ethereum (ETH) in our reserve wallet.


The reserve is made to serve the token. Our reserve value is publicly visible in the reserve wallet. The reserve is left to grow indefinitely and totally untouched. Except in our buy back scheme;


Two times in a year, that is every 6 months, scheduled buy-back are is carried out using a quarter of the total value of our reserve at the time of buy-back. The buy-back will be used to boost the price of BAYK as well as to reduce the circulating supply of BAYK and to make the project acquire another store of BAYK to be used in paying loans.

-Back to reserve-

Our objective with the reserve is to have a huge reserve of Bitcoin (BTC), Apollo (APL) and Ethereum (ETH). A huge reserve will improve the trust of investors in our project and will give our tokens real and stable value.


Another quarter of the reserve is used to secure at least two exchanges each year. The reserve will be made to grow indefinitely.

Exchange Listing

BAYK is listing on a first exchange by Q4 2019 the initially planned first exchange is the Apollo Decentralized Exchange. But with the delay, BAYK is already gathering information and making exchange contacts to get the best possible exchange to list BAYK by Q4 2019.


We already have a roadmap and solid plan of listing on at least two exchanges every year and the number may increase depending on the progress of the project.

Services for New Projects

New Blockchain projects including Apollo Projects are hosted on our CoinTick platform for publicity. Airdrop and ICO for these projects can also be hosted. Apollo Projects can have their token get traded with BAYK and CTK as a mini ICO.


This is a futuristic vision, later, many projects will start using the Apollo Blockchain and it may be tough to discover them. Giving a medium for publicity on our platform will come in handy for new projects.

Project Follow-Up

Upon registration and loan acquisition, Agricultural projects can opt to be followed by BAYK. This will activate various follow up schemes of the BAYK project.


The project will be monitored and in case of need for additional fund, it will be issued. The major objective of BAYK follow up is to ensure the success of the project by supporting it through completion.


BAYK looks to be the first Apollo Blockchain project to move to its own mainnet. Our Blockchain will render the services we currently render on Apollo Blockchain which include loan and content publishing. Upon creation of our mainnet, another coin will be created for our CoinTick platform which will be a content publishing Blockchain. The coin will only be mineable by publishing contents, reading, reposting and commenting on contents.


The BAYK Blockchain will be a main Blockchain upon which the CoinTick Blockchain will operate. BAYK Blockchain will be a loan platform. The BAYK coin will be used to power the Blockchain.

BAYK coin will also be used as a payment coin and get integrated into various payment gateways.


Upon mainnet, all BAYK tokens on Apollo Blockchain will be converted to BAYK coin.


Mainnet development is projected to start by Q4 2020, beta will be released by Q2 2021 and full launch is expected by Q3 2021.


More info about our exchange to be published later.

BAYK Physical Services and Agricultural Network

Our physical service set to start in Q2 2020 will include physical agricultural production and physical store.

BAYK project will acquire lands to start physical agricultural production. After that, we will venture into agricultural research which will better help us serve projects under us.

After our first physical presence, BAYK will start annexing other farms without country barrier and also enlarging our farms by buying more farming lands. BAYK hopes to be a leading food producer.

BAYK research will follow, various agricultural research will be conducted each day by field experts. Results of our research will be published and implemented on our farms.

Our physical store will open by Q3 2020 it will be a store for agricultural products, amenities and services. All products will also be available online.

Agricultural network

Apart from annexed farms, any farm can register to become one of our networks, this will enable those farms to benefit from our various online, physical and Blockchain services including research.


BAYK hopes to put Blockchain and crypto into mainstream through our agricultural service. We hope to become a major food producer with enough acquisition and network of farms

Team and Jobs

BAYK is an open project and intend not to have a central control. Interested individuals can always register as a team, to work for us or to be a promoter of the project.


There will be weekly meetings of our team to discuss the project. The team and workers will be paid in BAYK tokens.

BAYK Protocol As a Way to Make BAYK Token The Most Valuable Asset

These three parts of our project have been planned to stabilize the value of BAYK;

*On-Platform OTC buyers: Selling BAYK in OTC on the platform to enable releasing loans in form of BTC, ETH, APL and not BAYK will help protect against selloff and price volatility. Buyers are also incentivized by special entitlement to platform services.

*Debtors payback: debtors are then made to pay back in BAYK. This will lead to occasional and frequent buy back every week apart from our own scheduled buy back which occur every 6 months. With lots of loan distribution, buy back will occur almost every day leading to stability and will make the token very liquid.

*Close-end acquisition: Apart from pre-launch Bounty and Airdrop, there is no other way to acquire BAYK except through platform participation which include purchase at OTC on the platform, selling products on our store and publishing contents on the CoinTick platform. With this, occasional and scheduled buy-back will also be implemented, this will lead to a very scarce coin.

BAYK Ecosystem

How did these puzzle fit?


*Loans are distributed on BAYK in BTC, ETH and APL after selling BAYK at OTC on the platform.

*Publishers get CTK and BAYK on CoinTick

*To prevent selloff, BAYK holders are rewarded

*Repayment of loan is in BAYK at the current value of BAYK. This will lead to occasional buy-backs

*Profits gained from the project will be stored in our reserve wallet in APL, BTC and ETH as project reserve.

*BAYK physical agricultural production, network and physical store will all boast our reserve

*Quarter of the reserve of used to do scheduled buy-back every 6 months.

*BAYK is listed on at least two new exchanges every year.

*reserve is increased indefinitely

Internal Exchange

This will be implemented after mainnet. BAYK will be the first listing on this exchange. Listing of different assets will also be possible. Apollo assets will also be allowed to list on the exchange.

More info about our exchange to be published later.

Company Information

BAYK Agricultural Services

Lagos, Nigeria