How to buy BAYK Token

NOTE: The method below can only be used to purchase a maximum of 100 BAYK tokens, if you can willing to get more than that, contact or use the Contact Us page

Activity 1

Go to

Activity 2

Login to your Wallet

Activity 3

Go to the left panel and click or hover on "Currency system" then click on "Currencies"

Activity 4

Scroll until you locate BAYK on the list of currencies then click on "Exchange" in front of it

Activity 5

On the BAYK Panel, you will see the "Buy BAYK" section, input the amount of BAYK you want on the "Units" section, the "Rate" gives the amount of APL for 1 BAYK, "Total" will display the amount of APL you will spend by buying the inputted units. Click "Buy BAYK" to complete the transaction

You can also transfer BAYK to another user through the “Transfer” button

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