How to get Apollo Wallet

Activity 1

Go to

Activity 2

click on "Create account" button at the bottom left corner

Activity 4

On the next page you will see two tabs, one for Vault Wallet and the other for Online Wallet. The different is that you can easily use Vault on other devices. Both are secure and good. We advise Online wallet for beginners.

Ativity 5

Click Online Wallet tab if you're in for online wallet, you'll see some information about the type of wallet and then an important information about saving your PASSPHRASE.

If you're for Vault, click on Vault tab and you'll also see information about Vault and PASSPHRASE.

Activity 6

For Online Wallet, scroll down and you'll see your:

PASSPHRASE (Which you must store securely) and your:

PUBLIC ADDRESS (Which you will use to receive Apollo and BAYK).

Ativity 6

For Vault Wallet, scroll down and you'll see your:

PASSPHRASE and your:



You must save all details

Ativity 7

Mark the "I wrote down my Passphrase. It is now stored in a secured place" box after saving your PASSPHRASE securely. Then click "Next"

Activity 8

NOTE: You should not send your passphrase to anyone, anyone who has it will have full control of your account. All you need to receive Apollo and BAYK is your public address

Image for Vault Wallet

Activity 9

The next page will demand typing in the saved PASSPHRASE, do that and click "Create new Account"


Woah!!! now you have an Apollo wallet and can receive Apollo and BAYK using your public address. You will see your wallet look like this:

Token position

You will receive BAYK in the Currencies section, BAYK is a currency under the Apollo Blockchain.

Account Activation

You already have an account with the steps above and can start transacting on the Apollo Blockchain.

Note that the first outgoing transaction will be the tool that registers your Account on the blockchain, It can be any transaction of any amount. Below is a step by step on how to register your Account on the blockchain using your account info registration:

Activating your Address


Any first transaction will ensure your address is sealed into the Apollo Blockchain, to initiate one using just 1 APL

Activity 1

Click on your profile at the top right corner of the page.

Activity 2

Click "Set account info"

Activity 3

Put in your info and click "Update Account Info"


Then you are now on the blockchain and good to go!!!


Feel free to comment below if you are not sure of something or you're experiencing a difficulty

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